• Ha! Bullets Can’t Hurt ME

    Aaron Wall explains in his usual incisive manner what the latest changes to the Google algorithm mean to ordinary small businesses Negative SEO vs Sabotage Just about any independent SEO worth their weight who publishes a number of websites has at least once hit a snag & been filtered or penalized. A person can say “not me” but how do they operate optimally in both the short term and long term if they never operate near limits or thresholds? But now that Google has begun actively penalizing sites for unnatural link profiles & tightening these thresholds, competitors have been... Read→

  • Expert SEO services

    You might ask why our expert SEO services important?  We all know that the design of your website is important, because let’s face, it if someone sees it, and it’s ugly, they’ll get out of there as quick as they can. An ugly website or a very un-professionally designed website, makes your website visitor feel that he is or she is not dealing with a professional.  So yes, it is true, a nice competent designed website is important. However, if you have the most beautiful website in the world.  The most functional and wonderful to browse website in the world, it does you no good... Read→

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  • Embrace mobile marketing, retailers urged

    This week The Age ran this interesting article by Clare Kermond, outlining the massive changes in online shopping . . . featuring the massive increase in use of smartphones to shop online RETAILERS are being urged to have mobile-friendly marketing strategies as new research shows the rate of conversion from making an inquiry to buying something is many times higher via mobiles. Google’s head of retail for Australia and New Zealand, Ross McDonald, said the number of queries about retailers made via mobile devices had jumped 220 per cent year on year, and was now about 25 per cent of all... Read→

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    Too often, I hear people in business giving up on just about any form of marketing strategy with a knowing “That won’t work in our type of business.” Well here’s one that will work every time: Gift Vouchers. Gift Vouchers work every time Gift Vouchers have been with us for decades, and yet very few businesses make use of their full power. They work on the premise that everyone likes something for free. Even when they may well know in their mind that there’s nothing for free. Ever. It doesn’t matter. Because emotionally we are all geared to reach for something... Read→

These best SEO services are vital to your business success.


Only the best SEO services get you the best results . . . and more customers

Your website is the perfect companion to your print advertising.

There’s a new field in advertising. One that works better, costs less and is more efficient. And it’s all about what we call Best SEO Services. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, the art of getting Google to love your website.

SEO targets only the people who already want to buy from you. It reaches out to people who are already looking for your services.

  • It’s all about getting your website to land in the Top 10 (on the first page) in Google:
  • It involves modifying your web pages so that Google loves them.
  • It also involves promoting your website in effective ways around the Web.

That’s why it’s called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Why should you get your website to land in the Top 10 in Google?


There are only two formulas that count, and THIS isn't one of them

Because 90+% of Australians search online for what they want using Google. If they don’t see your website in the first or second Google results page, they’ll certainly see your competition.

We’ve coined a formula to explain it. Two formulas in fact – one for people who don’t have a website yet, and one for people who do.

For people who don’t have a website:


For people who already have a website:


There’s no way to sugar coat the truth. If your website isn’t landing in the Top 10 search results in Google, your competition’s website is.

The biggest problem is that businesses are too busy running their own business to learn the very complex subject of Search Engine Optimisation. They don’t have the time or inclination to learn about best SEO services.

And it doesn’t make sense to even try. Attempting to get your resources around SEO is just about as smart as printing your own local newspaper on your photocopier.

Excellent SEO can only be done properly by experts in the field.

SEO needs to be easy for you. It needs to be a breeze. That’s why it makes more sense to use someone who knows how to optimise your website properly.

If you’d like to find out more about Search Engine Optimisation, you have any questions, feel free to contact us on our handy contact form.

Results 100% Guaranteed.

By the way, I back our offer personally. We fully guarantee we will use only the best SEO services to get your website into the Top 10 in Google. We agree on the search terms, we do the work, I fully guarantee the result. It can’t be easier.

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